Jun 042018

The San Jose’ Mercury News and the Orange County Register both profiled Convicted Felon Patrick Raahauge. Quoting the OC Register:

After his father died in May, Patrick Raahauge talked about running the family business – a Corona shooting range that’s popular among Orange County residents for duck and pheasant hunting.

His grandfather, Linc Raahauge, founded the range after a signing a lease in 1971. Then his father, Mike Raahauge, took over when Linc died in 1989.

“You’ve got to carry on,” Patrick Raahauge, 46, told a news reporter at his father’s memorial service. “What else can you do?”

But this transition presented a legal dilemma. Raahauge is a convicted felon and can’t legally possess a single firearm, never mind all the pistols, assault rifles and shotguns for rent at the range.

In July, he filed a petition asking the governor to pardon him. He was convicted of stealing a car in 1999, and illegal gun and ammunition possession in 2003.

Travis Allen is fond of going back to 1976 to remind everyone of when his #1 Republican Opponent was a registered Democrat and this is parroted repeatedly (minus the timeframe of course) so your intrepid blogger figured that associating with a man convicted of Two Felonies from 1999 and 2003 was fair game. Note that Travis Allen lose a civil lawsuit from hitting a woman in a car accident in 2001 and was fined $8000 in 2004 for sloppy business practices in his financial planning business.

Raahauge is also a prolific donor. You can see from the attached that several current and former candidates have gotten checks from the man. I 100% agree in rehabilitation (as I am 15+ years sober myself) however, a Governor Candidate and especially a Sheriff should be careful who they associate with.

Sniff has other convicted felon donors and a string of convicts in his list of associations. This is of course why this little shindig on Sunday at the gun range run by a convicted felon matters. The Felon associated with the Barber Shop, a Felon Associated with a Restaurant, a Felon from Texas and a former Assistant Sheriff with a Prostitution Conviction are just some of the luminaries in Team Sniff.

“He was clearly working there, in and around all the firearms,” DOJ spokeswoman Michelle Gregory said. “He shouldn’t be there at all.”

Gregory said state investigators received a tip about Raahauge and found him handling guns and ammunition at the range, still named after his father. Gregory called the case “pretty cut and dry.”

Raahauge’s attorney, Robert Hickey, confirmed the arrest Friday but said it was too early to comment on the charges. Raahauge has been released on $10,000 bail, jail records show.

The arrest came days after several Orange County Register reporters received an anonymous letter about Raahauge. The letter said he “is a convicted felon and is presently running a firearms range.”


Have a look at Mr. Raahauge’s donations $5,750 to Sniff and we are sure a contribution or an in-kind related to the event will appear on Travis Allen’s report soon:

Jun 042018
Sniff falsely claims that crime is down in Riverside County.
Violent crime, property crime and overall crime are actually higher than four years ago – when Sniff last stood for election.
The numbers used in the “CRIME TRENDS” document are from two different sources:
The DOJ numbers for years 2014, 2015 and 2016 are from the CA DOJ website.
The SNIFF press release numbers for 2017 are from a RivCo Sheriff Dept. press release issued in February, 2018.
The CA DOJ has not yet issued crime numbers for 2017, so we are using Sniff’s own numbers for 2017 instead.
Once you read through this, you will agree it is time to #FIRESNIFF
CRIMES                    2014     2015   2016    2017           2014 – 2017
All Violent Crime     2,838   3,023   3,389   3,091           9% increase
All Property Crime 33,151  35,650 35,687 35,229       6.2% increase
All Part 1 Crime      35,989 38,673  39,076 38,320       6.5% increase
Homicide                   47        34         60        41       12.7% decrease
Forcible Rape           111      120       137      146       31.5% increase
Robbery                    908      974    1,092   1,032       13.6% increase
Aggravated Assault 1,758  1,887    2,087   1,872         6.5% increase
Burglary                   8,296  6,632    6,387   6,295      23.7% decrease*
Motor Vehicle Theft 4,989  6,023    6,297   5,752      15.3% increase
Larceny Theft         19,866 22,995  23,003 23,112     16.3% increase
Despite the questionable accuracy of Sniff’s “press release” crime numbers for 2017, it is clear that violent crime, property crime and overall crime have increased substantially during the last four years under Sniff. Riverside County residents are less safe now than they were four years ago.
* Due to higher threshold for crime. Prop. 47 changes went into effect January 1, 2015
Jun 022018

With California’s Sanctuary State in the Cross-hairs, you will be appalled to learn that Sheriff Stan Sniff has had a non-cooperation policy in force for years.

Check out a sampling of stories going on under the watch of Stan Sniff:

The first example I can think of was a 30’s male who had just been released from a 2 year sentence for sodomy and soliciting a minor (15yrs old) male juvenile. Was supposed to check in within 5 days of release. I finally tracked him down through an emergency contact and advised them that he would have to come in and register. By the time he had come in to register he was 9 days overdue. When I asked my supervision if we could have an investigator make the arrest for failure to register as a sex offender, I was met with resistance because we are “short staffed”. (some crap about wanting to give “every opportunity” to allow 290s to be in compliance.) This posture goes against the stated no tolerance policy and common sense. Once he did come in to register through my interview it came to light that he was here illegally. When I asked my supervision again about arrest (not for illegal status but for 290 violation with the added benefit of sending him back to jail to hopefully be deported this time, since apparently our jails don’t care…) I was told to contact border patrol and let them know of his address but not to identify myself as RSO since we are not supposed to work with federal authorities when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Got it? So the “No Tolerance” policy against sex offenders is pure BS. The station Captains are spouting the same budget excuse garbage the Sheriff is AND they are refusing to cooperate with federal authorities long before the unconstitutional sanctuary state law.

How about this one? A 30’s male who had been charged with sexual abuse against his 11 year old step daughter came in to register his new address in our jurisdiction from cat city. the ID he brought in was his green card that had expired. When I asked him if he knew he was in the country illegally he said he knew but also knew that unless he “did something really bad” he wouldn’t be deportedWhen I contacted his probation officer and told her this, she said that they had been told by their supervision that they cannot do anything about someones immigration status and that I should be careful because she had one of her probation co-workers disciplined for trying. I again asked my supervision about what can be done. I was told that since he has not violated any 290 statute just to register him because its not our problem.

If anyone has any question why Immigration is such a hot button issue, keep reading. Also take note of the social justice warrior probation officer referenced in the second anecdote.

A 60’s male who came in to register (for 314) new address from Washington state. Upon doing the usual inquiries I saw that he was charged with 2nd degree murder (upon further investigation he strangled a homosexual male who came on to him and solicited him for sex) in Washington and had done 18 years. He moved into our jurisdiction and at first could not provide any ID. I told him that I would need some sort of government ID to register him and he told me that he had registered in Washington for quite a while without one. I asked him why he didn’t have an ID and he would not answer, upon further digging and pressing he told me that he was brought to this country when he was 9-10 yrs old and was not part of DACA. He was confident that this wasn’t a problem. I again asked my supervision and they told me that he should go get a CAL-ID and then we can register him so at least we know where he is even if we cant deport him.

Why do we have laws if Sheriff Sniff won’t enforce them? Cops pulling guns on people, getting their jobs back after using excessive force, running red lights and getting sued, falsifying time cards, cheating, lying, stealing, having sex with informants, having sex on duty, drinking on duty, getting away with DUI’s, misappropriating government funds, falsifying paperwork, on and on and on.

All this and Sheriff Sniff’s donors are an all star team of the civil and penal code violations.

I may be from the simpler part of California, but even us Northerners know what corruption looks like: Stan Sniff. What a legacy this Sheriff has.

Jun 022018

Immigration became the Number One issue in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The Left did the usual scream racism and the right did the usual “What about the law”.

IN 2012, Sheriff Stan Sniff did the usual… It’s all the Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s Fault routine. As usual, any time a tough issue comes up, the Sheriff defaulted to the budget defense in order to side once again with the ACLU.

The ACLU has long believed that anyone has a right to be in the USA at any time and any attempts to enforce immigration law are wrong. Apparently, the Sheriff decided in 2012, that he agrees with the ACLU.

Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff said the contentious issue of immigration holds on people suspected of minor crimes is irrelevant in the county because overcrowding means there is no space to detain them.

Immigration-rights groups have long pushed for measures to block holds on low-level offenders. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests 48 hour holds on inmates believed to be illegal immigrants, so ICE can decide whether to initiate deportation proceedings against them once they’re released.

Right on script. Then we get a compound excuse…

Sniff said he and other sheriffs prefer not to hold minor offenders for possible deportation.

“We don’t view ourselves as enforcers of immigration law,” he said.

Sniff said he, other sheriffs, Gov. Jerry Brown and ICE Director John Morton met for several hours Dec. 6 to discuss several issues. Immigration holds consumed much of the time, he said.

So which is it Sheriff? Is it the budget’s fault or is it really a case of not wanting to be bothered?

Then we repeat the theme in 2015:

The county’s largest police agency — and operator of all the county’s jails — has agreed to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials of the impending release of jailed non-U.S. citizens.

But the Sheriff’s Department is rejecting ICE’s request to detain jailed immigrants for up to 48 hours beyond their scheduled release date.

So the Sheriff doubles down in 2015. This means unless ICE is able to get to the jail the day of the release, that the Illegal Alien is allowed to slip back in to society, in some cases with devastating results:

Yet, refusal to cooperate with ICE also is controversial, particularly in the wake of several high-profile cases. In San Francisco, for example, a recently released jail inmate — with five prior deportations — was charged with fatally shooting a woman walking on a city pier.

Violent Crime went up 22% in Riverside County from 2015-2016. You’d think the Sheriff would be aware of this fact before making knee-jerk blame-the-budget decisions that imperil public safety.

Or perhaps his pattern of siding with the ACLU over his officers, leaving jail beds un-staffed (adding to early releases), endorsing Soft-on-Crime Liberal Democrats and the like is not an accident after all?

P.S. In keeping with the time-honored tradition of Catch-and-Release Sheriff Sniff Press Releases is this Gem from a Hemet Eye News Article that references Mr. Sniff’s refusal to hold detainees for ICE:

View the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s press release regarding the ICE Priority Enforcement Program (PEP): http://www.riversidesheriff.org/press/admin15-1001.asp

Were it not for doing some extensive research on the Sheriff, we might have missed this. That’s three Press Releases and Counting that have disappeared. Perhaps the Sheriff is flip-flopping now that President Trump is in office? (I won’t even ask who the Sheriff voted for in 2016…)

Jun 012018
“Members of the board were concerned that things were beginning to implode at the Sheriff’s Department,” said Supervisor John Tavaglione.
This was in 2007 when Stan Sniff was appointed Sheriff to replace Bob Doyle. Doyle was accused of retaliation and cronyism. Sound familiar?

“I was released because I wanted to be sheriff some day,” Sniff told supervisors, arguing that that was among the chief reasons he should be chosen to replace Doyle and change the department’s culture. “I was a direct threat to [Andrews] because of my stature in the department and in the community.”

Sniff said that, during a department retreat in Lake Arrowhead in November 2006, a memo from Doyle was read in which he threatened to dismiss any member of his management team contemplating a covert run for sheriff. Doyle’s memo explicitly stated that loyalty would be valued over competency, he said.

Doyle said Monday night that his words were taken out of context.

“Both are important to any CEO,” he said of loyalty and competency. “In the context it was put in — it was ridiculous.”

He said Sniff was fired “for cause” but declined to elaborate because it was a personnel matter.

Another candidate, Assistant Sheriff Valerie Hill, who currently heads the department’s corrections division, confirmed the existence of Doyle’s memo on loyalty. She told supervisors that the memo also included a list of people with whom executive staff members were not allowed to speak, including union leaders.

“An underlying message was loyalty is the most important thing — above all else,” Hill said. “I was offended. . . . We owe our loyalty to the community.”

Hill said she was promoted to head the corrections division only after promising Doyle that she would retire after a year — a requirement she viewed as part of the plan to remove any threats to Andrews.

Doyle said he was not surprised by the description of his department.

“You’ve got two people on the inside who want the position — they have got to separate from the administration, and bad-mouth and carry on,” he said. “It’s unfortunate, but that’s what happens. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

He noted that under his leadership, the department had attracted some 500 new deputies to staff unincorporated areas.

“Look at our retention rate. They are not going other places for greener grass. . . . That doesn’t add up with having a morale problem,” he said. “The only issue here was the union board that was driving the misinformation. They put it out and fed it to the board.”

Several supervisors were sharply critical of Doyle on Monday and said they hoped Sniff could mend the rifts.

Let’s unpack this

Sniff was retaliated against for having ambition. Sound familiar?

Doyle demanded loyalty. Sound familiar with Sniff?

Doyle touted how he had a ton of deputies to patrol unincorporated areas. Today, several news stories reference how gigantic areas of Riverside County could have no more than 2 deputies on a shift.

Doyle touted the retention rate under his tenure. Under Sniff since 1/1/2017 some 250 deputies have left the department.

In 2007, the board of supervisors said they hoped Sniff could mend the riffs that exist. Taviglione and Washington have inexplicably endorsed Hemet Dave. Only Kevin Jeffries has endorsed Sniff for Re-election. My how times change, yet stay the same.

Stan Sniff didn’t plan to fail. It became all about Stan and that is a ticking time bomb.

(Source Article from the LA Times linked here)

Jun 012018

Stan Sniff did not plan to fail, he failed to plan. His own words in an August 10 2008 editorial in the Riverside Press Enterprise damn him: (Note, I had to get an archived copy as it appears to no longer be easily accessible on their website)

The Riverside County jail system – so absolutely critical and so central to our local criminal justice system – is in crisis. Today, much of the deterrent effect of serving time is lost. The system fails to deal adequately with recidivism or repeat offenders, it fails to meet the needs of our courts – already choked with cases and inadequately staffed with judges – and it fails to meet the needs of local law enforcement agencies that embrace the tenets of community-oriented policing. Like many other aspects of our county infrastructure that have lagged as a direct byproduct of our meteoric growth, our current jails have not kept pace in their capacity to handle the work flow.
The brutal reality is that Riverside County has added only 1300 beds in 10 years AND Stan Sniff is attempting to hold the staffing of the new jail hostage in order to gain leverage in budget arguments with the board of supervisors.
Our preliminary estimates are that a decade from now Riverside County jails will need close to 10,000 beds to meet the needs of our criminal justice system. Part of that estimate is driven by our need to fully restore our county jail system by designing it to meet one critical component – rehabilitation
Now you are getting the picture. Sniff wrote his own political epitaph in 2008.
In 2007, our jails were forced to release more than 6,000 inmates because of overcrowding. This practice started several years ago due to the increasing workload on our criminal justice system, with some inmates serving only days of a one-year sentence. In some cases, inmates released early preyed on Inland Empire communities. Legal bed capacity and other formal requirements of our jails are established by the state of California and are not left to local discretion.
Ouch. We’ve been piecing together the early releases under Sniff’s watch. The 6,000 number from 2007 has been eclipsed at least three times I can prove in the last ten years. It is also interesting that the Sheriff is complaining about State Law while endorsing soft on crime liberals and siding with the ACLU on many key issues.
Thus far, we’ve been able to prove about 35,000 early releases, knowing full well the number is much larger. The early release number is a key issue that is devastating to the Sheriff and also is a hallmark of the failure of his leadership.
May 312018

One of the key items in the attempt to bully me by Mohammad Ali Mazarei was the assertion that Ali Mazarei got preferential treatment for a CCW Permit. It has been long known amongst the rank and file. Since I had no super-concrete proof I had to back off of the claim somewhat while being of the opinion that Ali Mazarei was lying to cover himself.

Since then, Mazarei has been publicly threatening candidates for office, making self-promoting posts on social media, acting like he runs the Riverside County Lincoln Club and the like. Mazarei is a recent addition to the political landscape even though his donor relationship with Stan Sniff started in 2011. When he posted the legal demand letter on facebook, complete with publishing my home address, (getting others to share it in an attempt to intimidate me and gain political advantage), he claimed that in 2009 when he got his CCW he did not know the sheriff. Several sources inside the department dispute those claims.

Pictured, Sheriff Stan Sniff looking all tough and stuff with a silenced automatic weapon. Mohammad Ali Mazarei, circled and looking all tough and stuff with body armor on. Then, three unnamed deputies that are obviously on the Good Boy’s list are also pictured. The location is a range that most of the rank and file are not allowed to go to – even though our tax dollars pay for its’ operation, maintenance and upkeep. Yet, we are supposed to believe that Ali Mazarei is NOT getting special treatment from the sheriff?

Mohammad Ali Mazarei bragged in his legal demand letter that he sells stuff to a lot of people inside the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. I wonder how long Mr. Mazarei would be able to keep his Federal Firearms License if the ATF was given a nice fat file complete with information on Mr. Mazarei’s personal conduct? I wonder if the sales of stuff to the folks he brags about selling stuff to have any other consideration involved in them?

Remember – Mazarei has donated $50K+ to the Sheriff (that we know of as the last $9300 check was reported 3 months late, so there could be others not reported yet).

Yet, we are supposed to believe that the now 2nd largest donor to the Sheriff who lists several of the Sheriff’s subordinates as customers is NOT receiving any sort of special treatment?

Enter two sources who have asked for anonymity:

I recently received a fund raiser flyer to Stan Sniff’s Southwest Riverside County Campaign Kick-off. On one page of this flyer there was a description off Sheriff Stan Sniff. I have attached a picture of that description and I hope you can read it. Upon reading this description I immediately recognized that these bullet point descriptions were missing two key words. Words that should be used to describe a person who holds the rank of Sheriff. Can you guess the missing two words? Those two words are  “Leader” and “Ethics” or any of their derivatives (leadership, ethical etc.)…this is sad, very very sad.

The department is in complete turmoil because we have not had strong leadership from Sniff nor Diyorio. When the leaders don’t lead, all the rest of the nonsense that you have been writing about begins to happen (thermal station scandal, cheating scandal on the detective tests in 2015, then cheating on the Lt and Caps test in 2016, sergeants and lieutenants in admin positions not working full days…which has become part of the culture at those ranks etc etc). This agency has been a ship adrift for years now and it is sad.

Second word, ethics. It is true (and I have witnessed it first hand) that if you are a FOS (friend of the sheriff) you will go to the front of the line to get a ccw. If you are john q citizen, it’s a 18 month to two year wait. All department members know about this, from the office staff, to the deputies and above. We see the Sheriff campaigning on duty or having his people do it for him (Purvis on the dept owned gator with a Sniff campaign sign etc. etc) and know full well that if we were caught doing something like that for Bianco we’d be gone.

This lack of leadership and the hypocritical ethical environment that sniff has created has left this department in shambles. We no longer encourage our friends or family to apply here. We tell them about Corona PD, or Riverside PD, or Ontario PD, but not RSO. Why? Because the pride is gone. The morale is terrible, and this place has become so divided that it is now toxic. There is a gulf between the true workers and the admin, the haves and the have-nots. Over the years, the only deputies that Sniff has spoken to are ones being promoted or ones at dui checkpoints on Friday nights. Ones that will never ever confront him, and rightly so because their whole career is ahead of them.

Two words left out of sheriff Stan Sniff’s description of himself in his fund raiser flyer, Leader, and Ethics. And that is exactly why our RSO is such a mess. I hate to keep using this word over and over, but I must use it one more time…..sad!

That is pretty definitive, isn’t it? Since Mohammad Ali Mazarei is an elected member of the Riverside County Republican Central Committee, and thusly is an elected official he has to prove I had reckless disregard for the truth when I suggest that he is one of those that received special treatment for a CCW Permit from the Sheriff. Good Luck Ali.

I know of one elected officeholder who is retired military that waited 2 years for his interview and was turned down for a CCW Permit. The man had not donated a dime to Sniff before or since.

It is also well-known in the department that the case related to the corrupt operation of Mazarei’s smog check business was re-opened right around the same time as Mazarei’s last donation of $9300 to the Sheriff on 10/5/2017. (one account says the case was re-opened 10/11 another says two weeks later) Also, it is well-known that Ali Mazarei believes that the employee being prosecuted will allow him to sue everyone he is mad at for blasting him publicly. It sure looks like Mazarei himself thinks he’s getting special treatment from the Sheriff, let alone what I think?

Well guess what? Another one of my anonymous sources sent me a choice facebook message pictured here.

Well isn’t that special? I now have plenty of basis to level the charge that Mohammad Ali Mazarei did indeed appear to be buying influence via his financial largess to the Sheriff. (look at the photo, look at the written comments about ccw’s) All Mohammad Ali Mazarei has accomplished with his attempted bullying of this blog with the typo-laden ESL failure of a legal demand letter was a guaranteed ass-whupping on the Right on Daily Blog, because this is how we deal with bullies.

As a side note, I was told Paul Aguirre was recently hired onto a part-time consulting gig. Given the pattern of behavior I’ve seen from the Sheriff, it would not surprise me if this was done to pin Aguirre down from talking about the abuse of the CCW process under Stan Sniff. It’s ok though, I can pick from dozens of witnesses to write declarations or to come testify in Auburn if needed.

Coming soon – even more smoking guns related to the conduct under Sheriff Stan Sniff and undertaker Diyoyo.

P.S. The “Pro Gun” Sheriff has disarmed the Jail staff too, something the local papers seem to fail to mention when they call him “Pro Gun”.

P.P.S A recent comment by a Daniel Shays sheds ever further light:

let’s talk about what 40-50k buys for Mohamed. He has free access to the range when employees can not even take their spouse. We know know he doesn’t call 911 like a normal person he calls his friend Stanley. He gets special CCW treatment for himself and his friends, who unlawfully use his business as their “good cause” even though they don’t work there. And he gets his very own tax payer funded private security. That’s right, the residents in Woodcrest get to sit without law enforcement services for an entire afternoon while both deputies sit watch Mohamed load up all his guns and move them to another residence in the city of riverside. Both of them should be charged with embezzlement and misuse of government funds. Unethical and illegal. Great job Sheriff!!!

May 312018

The definition of passive aggressive is to tell someone you are going to do something and the second they take their eye off of you, do the exact opposite. Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff is full of excuses for why Riverside County is extremely difficult for law abiding citizens to obtain a CCW Permit in.

The Sheriff has blamed “The Budget” and staffing for his stubborn refusal to increase the pathetic number of approvals for CCW Permits in Riverside County.

When attempting to defend his horrid record on CCW Permits, Sniff set fire to himself: “Around 1,100 residents countywide — not including law enforcement — are currently licensed to carry firearms, according to the sheriff.”

1100. Out of 2.4 Million people. This is an astonishing .045% of the residents.

Now, of course, another excuse from the Sheriff: “California is a very anti-gun state,” Sniff said. ”I’m not sure the idea of ‘shall-issue’ is ever going to wash here.”

So, the solution of the Sheriff? Only one person on staff who processes permits. This is called passive-aggressive behavior while rightly bashing the state of California to keep people off of the scent.

You see, in 2014, Sniff’s stubborn refusal to grant many CCW permits was a campaign issue for his opponent Chad Bianco. (ahem, it is again in 2018, too…)

An Article in 2014 had some pretty irritated Gun Rights Groups lighting up the Sheriff for his #EPICFAIL on granting CCW Permits:

The head of several pro-gun organizations today threatened legal action against Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff over an alleged policy of arbitrarily withholding concealed weapons permits, which the sheriff denied, pointing to evidence that he’s always been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights.

Brandon Combs, who runs the Calguns Foundation and the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, announced the ”Fix-Riverside Initiative,” aimed at spurring Sniff to loosen up the issuance of concealed gun licenses in the wake of a U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in February.

Now, you have perspective for the 2 year waits that people were complaining about in 2016 and 2017. Stan Sniff does not care. If he did, he could pull excess administrative staff over to processing CCW Permits. Instead, he prefers to cry poor and pick fights with the county board of supervisors… while hauling in $330k in total compensation at all of our expense.

IN January of 2016, in the wake of one of many acts of Radical Islamic Terror in this case that was a massacre in San Bernardino, there was a surge in applications.

In neighboring Riverside County the wait now stands at 18 months after just two members of the police department were left to process the hundreds of applications being received each month.

Note, I have been informed that there is now only one officer. Once again, pattern recognition takes over here as the previous post shows us the following:

I have a current CCW from another county. I’m told by Riverside county that I have to begin the process over in their county, taking the safety course from one of their vendors and I have to interview. They gave me an appointment in January 2019!!

Kevin Johnson says: Just got my interview appointment. First available was April 2019. Over two years away. The problem is worse since this article was written.

In 2014, Sniff only granted 258 new CCW Permits in a County of 2.4 Million people. In 2017, people are reporting 2+ Year waits for an interview due to Sniff’s Passive Aggressive Behavior. We deserve better in Riverside County, instead of a Politician that lies to Gun Rights Groups to get their endorsement by answering questionnaires – we need a Sheriff that understands public safety and what real gun rights looks like.

P.S. The people that threatened to sue Sniff in 2014, should do so now.

Remember when we told you about the Sheriff’s control issues and his lack of prioritization of CCW Permits? Remember when we suggested that it was a passive-aggressive back-dooring of Gun Control?

On 10/23/2017, we introduced you to the Sheriff’s passive-aggressive resistance to giving anyone a CCW Permit in a timely manner. Then on 10/30/2017, we followed up with even MORE evidence spread out over several years that the 2 year wait was not an aberration.

When Chad Bianco ran against the Sheriff in 2014, he lit in to him over the passive aggressive resistance to CCW Permits. It appears that the problem has gotten worse, not better.

By most accounts, Riverside County’s CCW backlog began in December 2015, shortly after a mass shooting in the neighboring San Bernardino County killed 14 and injured 22 others. A radicalized Islamic couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, attacked a government holiday party with assault rifles and handguns.

Then, the Sheriff did NOTHING to solve the problem. However, he does blame the budget, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, the tooth fairy and every other imaginary goonie for the problem.

Historically, this whole process took no more than two or three months, said Sniff, who has served as sheriff for a decade.

Nowadays, applicants may wait eight times that long just to get the interview.

“Two years is ridiculous,” said Justin Luhrs, 38, of Riverside. “Even six months is too long.”

The article takes pains to paint the Sheriff as pro-gun. Apparently, he is not pro-gun enough to even attempt to address the backlog.

Perkio turned in his application for a concealed weapon license and asked how long the review process would take. A polite sheriff’s deputy showed him several two-foot stacks of unprocessed applications, each one just like his.

They would all have to be reviewed before Perkio’s turn would come, the deputy warned.

The wait would be about 28 months.

“It was a shock,” said Perkio, 56, who is licensed to carry a gun in 26 states, but a year-and-a-half later is still waiting for his application to be processed in Riverside. “If something happens in the meantime, this is a Second Amendment opportunity to protect myself that I simply don’t have.”

Sheriff Sniff did not plan to fail. He failed to plan. The previous articles on this issue show that the CCW Permit process was a problem long before two of Obama’s “Refugees” decided to kill infidels. Sheriff Sniff will get unseated as Sheriff because he has failed to do his job.

When presented with evidence he has failed in his job as Sheriff, his preferred course of action has been to retaliate against anyone suggesting a different course of action and to fight the Riverside County Board of Supervisors at every juncture. (Even the Desert Sun article shows the effects of the Sheriff’s intimidation as they tried to blunt the effect) The Sheriff has had over 10 years to direct the ship and instead the problems are getting worse, the new jail will be empty and good people are retiring or jumping ship to other counties. It is time for a change.

What If I told you that in 2015, there were 800 CCW Permits in all of Orange County, yet over 9,300 today? Wouldn’t that make you wonder what Stan Sniff’s problem is in Riverside? Orange County went to a municipal bankruptcy in the 1990’s and is only marginally better off than Riverside County. Yet, Somehow they have figured out how to have a 10-fold increase in CCW Permits to accommodate demand.

A little more than 2½ years ago, there only were about 800 active CCW permits in Orange County, with two professional staff members handling the application process.

Now there are more than 9,300 active CCW permits in O.C. — an avalanche-like surge in demand that has forced the creation of an entire department within the OCSD, the Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) Licensing Unit, which employs more than two-dozen sworn and professional staff.

Applicants for CCWs run the gamut, from students to owners of Fortune 500 businesses to plumbers, lawyers and elected officials.

In 2009, in one of Sheriff Sniff’s many arguments with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Sniff was admonished to start issuing more CCW Permits. Back then, there were about 500 of them. Today, there are about 2700 – 3.5 times less than Orange County over a period of time three times as long. This is a key quote from the 2009 article:

According to Undersheriff Valerie Hill, roughly 500 county residents have concealed carry permits. “We take (the issuance of permits) very seriously,” she told the board. “Every time we issue a permit, it’s a liability for the county.”

Got it? The allegedly pro-gun sheriff looks at CCW Permits as a liability. Wrong answer, but this is the answer of a Richard Roth endorsing anti-gun liberal. People have been banging the CCW permit drum for nearly 10 years and the Sheriff has ignored them.

Stone highlighted the prospective release of 27,000 inmates in the next six months from California prisons and the impact that might have on public safety as one of the motivating factors behind the resolution, which Sheriff Stan Sniff has the option — but not the obligation — to act upon.

In 2009, then Supervisor Jeff Stone was sounding the alarm over “Fed Kicks” and their effect on crime. As we’ve written about ,the Sheriff did not plan to staff jails or address this problem either. This has been a consistent failure pattern with Sheriff Sniff and we will have more to say about the legacy of his leadership on enforcement and incarceration.

Back to Orange County:

Now, Stiverson says, the OCSD — after staffing up and relocating the CCW Licensing Unit to larger offices — usually is able to see an applicant for his or her initial CCW appointment within two to six months depending on fluctuations in public demand and unit staffing levels. The agency’s target goal is to reduce initial appointment wait times to less than two months.

Sheriff Sniff’s department sees wait times of at least 24 months. (Unless you are a “friend” of the sheriff) We’ve documented these horrendous wait times in several articles. The Orange County Sheriff’s department provides an interesting contrast. The bungling of Sheriff Sniff has also caused several cities to spend some of their limited resources processing CCW permits at their local level as well.

If Sheriff Sniff was truly committed to issuing CCW permits to anyone that is not a donor or a buddy, he’d have addressed the issue in a similar manner to Orange County. Nowhere in the Orange County article do you hear their department calling CCW permits a “liability”. This contrast is yet another reason for people once supportive of the Sheriff to fire him from office.

May 302018

Alfredo Ortega is a convicted Felon.

Alfredo is a past owner of El Tarasco Restaurant in Perris. El Tarasco Restaurant was the scene of a recent event for Stan Sniff. Alfredo is a public booster of the Sheriff. Alfredo transferred the ownership of the restaurant to his wife in the mid 2000’s and in 2008 the liquor license (which Alfredo could not renew due to his felony conviction) was renewed by his daughter, who is the current owner.

Alfredo Ortega according to inside sources with training and knowledge of the meaning of the code, was convicted of a felony DUI in 1997. In addition, he was picked up for Felony Drug Possession in 1997, but inexplicably that case was dropped.

Sniff has a convicted felon donor. He has an endorser sporting a prostitution conviction. Sniff has a string of people no law enforcement official would be proud of promoting, yet there they are.

The early May Event at El Tarasco was being bantered about by people on Facebook as an opportunity to “get” Chad Bianco. However, before the event happened, it was discovered that the business license was suspended and Bianco backed out of the event.

Mr. Ortega for his part is also sporting THREE, domestic violence restraining orders in his past. In the sad, shrinking world of Stan Sniff, the bench is getting a little thin in the support network.

It is alleged, but I can’t see the proof that the dismissal of the felony drug possession may well be due to Ortega becoming an informant. As I lack the training to make that determination, I am relying on the opinions of insiders that have looked at this stuff.

The one felony conviction is undeniable.

The three domestic violence restraining orders are linked here.

DV Order 1

DV Order 2

DV Order 3

Great job Stanley!

May 302018

There is this thing called a ballot statement. They are permanent public record and go out to every registered voter in an election. An incumbent would do well to remember what he wrote in his own ballot statement.

In 2014, “I have raised the morale of deputies who protect our neighborhoods …”

There are some other whoppers about dealing with overcrowded jails and keeping control of tax dollars (you know, those outrageous maintenance contracts, abuses of overtime, etc etc etc)

The special one is improving the professionalism of our deputies… Pelato using the N-Word, Cornett’s Crime Scene Tattoo, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood’s skull tattoos, Huizinga drop-firing his gun at the gas pump, cheating on advancement exams are just a few of the things I think about when I hear professionalism and Stan Sniff’s RSO.

Have a look at Sniffy’s 2010 Ballot Statement as snagged from a web archive:

Since I was appointed Riverside County Sheriff in 2007, I have been working to increase public safety by investing tax dollars wisely. Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Department has maintained a balanced budget and kept the county safe through tough, innovative crime fighting techniques.
I have increased staffing levels, reduced overtime and lowered crime despite across-the
board budget cutbacks. I have raised the morale of the deputies who protect our neighborhoods. Weve also improved patrol service levels and reduced our response times.
As a result, we have caught and incarcerated violent and serious felons, cracked down on
gang and gun violence, and protected neighborhoods from drug dealers and quality of life crimes.
Under my guidance, the Sheriff’s Department has become more accessible to all Riverside County residents and improved the language proficiency and educational levels for deputies throughout the department.
I have also worked to improve cultural sensitivity for all staff and deputies and created a Tribal Liaison Unit to improve policing among the 12 tribal communities in Riverside County.
My leadership as your Sheriff is supported by every one of our police chiefs and by community leaders all across Riverside County.
As a retired Colonel in the Army Reserve, with 34 years of law enforcement experience and a strong record on behalf of crime victims, I would be honored to have your vote.
You can use Sniff’s two ballot statements as a thesis for failure. Crime is up. Equipment is dilapidated. 250 Deputies have fled since 1/1/2017. The new Jail is mostly empty. And on and on it goes.
But the most important statement about Morale just happened in a recent 2018 Article:
“I think the morale thing is typical nonsense that comes out election time,” said Sniff about his opponents. “When you don’t have anything else to run on, you talk about morale.”
Interesting times, huh?
P.S. I have been told by sources that Sniff has had Admin Block RightonDaily.com from department computers through an internet block protocol. Looks like people are using their phones because the traffic continues to shatter records.