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If this is true and Clark is indeed gone never to be rehired, I will discontinue further disparaging of the Senator as he will have shown wisdom and maturity in this decision. Tim Clark and John Moorlach have a lot of history together and Moorlach was one of few people that Clark has known any length of time that still associated with him. Apparently, that list has now shrunk.

Check out this Bio on Current Chief of Staff Lance Christensen:

Lance Christensen has earned a national reputation as a government budget and finance policy expert.  Prior to joining Senator Moorlach’s staff, Mr. Christensen served as the Director of the Pension Reform Project for the nationally respected Reason Foundation. His budget and finance analyses have been published in multiple national and local publications, and he is a sought-after expert presenter on government finance and debt issues.  Mr. Christensen also spent nearly a decade working as a legislative consultant in the California State Senate, as well as a finance budget analyst at the Department of Finance.  Mr. Christensen earned his English Degree from Brigham Young University and Masters of Public Policy from Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy.

This is what we call a damn good hire, this guy is 100% consistent with who Moorlach says he is. Christensen looks like he has more qualifications in the first sentence in his Bio than his predecessor has accumulated in 48 years of living.

John Moorlach has joined the ranks of people that have decided to no longer enable Tim Clark’s behavior. Here is hoping that Mr. Clark finds a new career in an occupation where he can not hurt any more good Republican Candidates for office. Let’s also hope that Republican leaders discontinue enabling Tim Clark’s bad behavior.

That said, there is still the matter of his “employment” with Donald Trump. Many of you sat in horror as Clark’s incompetence and malfeasance made national news. What is not widely known is that several GOP insiders had to help both with the delegation list and the alternates list because Mr. Clark was unable to do the job… thus validating the criticisms leveled against him at the time he was hired.

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Read here to see how Tim Clark’s hire by the Trump Campaign caused a major rift within the campaign and how back in 4/28 an ousted Trump advisor predicted disaster.

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I have been told by reliable sources that Clark’s incompetence and bungling of the California Delegation led to the termination of his retainer with the campaign and that he is being relegated to fundraising duty. If true, Clark is generally reviled by the donor community in California. This will be a potentially bigger disaster for Trump than the delegation freakshow.

Tim Clark was one of the biggest reasons why I tore in to John Moorlach. It is sad, really that I felt like I had to perform cancer surgery – but Clark has been a skilled con artist for a long time. These opinions of Clark in this blog appear to go beyond just mine as I have little trouble finding anyone with any political heritage in California that has not been scourged by him. John Moorlach got out and the sooner Trump gets out, the better.

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